Join or Renew

Membership Application and Member Information Updates

If you practice within the SWSO region, when you become a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, you also become a member of the Southwestern Society of Orthodontists and your component organization.

Applying for Membership is Easy!

Membership Renewal 

Renewals can be completed online (, by contacting the AAO Member Service Center at 314-993-1700 (option 0) or by returning the physical invoice that was mailed to you. Renewal invoices are typically made available in late May each year and remain open through November 15th. If it is outside this period, your renewal is likely not due at this time.

Changing Your Personal or Practice Information

It’s more important than ever to keep your membership information up-to-date, and easier, too!

Information is used to send important information via mail or email. All information is used by the AAO Orthodontic Locator to send more potential patients your way. Updating your information with the AAO updates your constituent and component information too!

You can update your information online, or call the AAO at 800-424-2841.