Martin Dewey Memorial Award 

The Martin Dewey Memorial Award is given each year by the Southwestern Society of Orthodontists in recognition of the contributions to orthodontic education, research, and practice. 

This award was established in 1953 by the Southwestern Society of Orthodontists to honor the memory of the first editor of the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS, Dr. Martin Dewey.

Dr. Dewey was the teacher of many of the early members of this Society, and he served as a frequent essayist, without compensation, at many of the early meetings of the Society. He was one of the first seven directors of the original American Board of Orthodontics. This award is presented in memory of Dr. Dewey's early teaching and faithful attendance at the meetings of the Society during its formative years, 1921 to 1933. 

J. Mark Felton Award

The J. Mark Felton Award for Volunteer Leadership honors the legacy of service and leadership of Dr. Felton, who passed away in 2016. 

Dr. Felton was a dedicated member of SWSO for over 30 years, serving in many capacities including being a past president, an AAO Council member, a delegate to the AAO House of Delegates, and SWSO delegation chair.  He was instrumental in the development of the Faculty Support Awards, and invited and encouraged the future generation of leadership to become active in SWSO and organized orthodontics. 

Dewey Award Past Winners:

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